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Take a Stand

Take an Informed Stand

Anyone could read about an issue on their own and learn a little bit (or a lot) about it.  That is not the reason for this assignment!

TAKE A STAND ON THE ISSUE, and come up with your own point of view.  Then, find evidence that will convince others!

Once you've read a little bit about the topic, you'll want to take a stand. 

  • Are you for or against something? 
  • Do you think people should be more aware of something?
  • Do you think popular opinion is wrong?

What is THE POINT you want to make when writing your paper or doing your presentation? 

It may seem to you that taking on a subject broadly, such as "bullying," would be easier than focusing on one aspect of the issue.  You'd have a lot to write about.  Right?  In fact the opposite is true.  You'll find it easier to research and write about a topic if you focus.  A broad topic is overwhelming, and you'll quickly become frustrated and confused by what you should or should not include.  The background sources will help you focus.

Here are just a few more specific topics related to bullying, for example, that will result in better papers and more coherent arguments:

  • Is cyber bullying something that schools can help to control?
  • Is the public overreacting to the issue of bullying in schools?
  • Can bullying cause serious lasting effects on its victims?
  • Are some teachers unknowing accomplices to the bullying problem?


Bullying, by itself, is NOT a topic for a paper.