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ME 1100: Music Education

Google is Not Research!

Google is Not Research!


Really!  Google is a great place to gather background information and find out what people might think about an issue, but it won't work to create a convincing argument.

In most cases, Google isn't much different from walking up to a stranger in the street and asking what they think.  What makes them the expert?  What is their agenda?

Come to the library and find some good ways to gather reliable, authoritative information.


More Advanced Resources

For real scholarly resources, the ones that will make the biggest impact in your bibliography, use these databases:


This is the best, the very best, database for information relating to education.
Educational Resources Information Center: Free government repository made searchable through EBSCOhost. Contains 1.3 million documents and records all pertaining to education.
This is an "all purpose" database, but it's likely to have a good mix of popular and scholarly resources.
The library's primary scholarly database. Contains over 8,500 journals, mostly peer-reviewed. Over 4,600 journals are full text.
No journal or website can cover a topic in the depth that a book can.  Use the catalog to find books and eBooks.  A careful use of the index and the table of contents will yield remarkable data--and often much more easily than a website.