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Lamson Library

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IS 1111 FYS Gender Equity (Wendy Palmquist)

Where to Find Material in the Library

Every book, CD and DVD in the library has a Library of Congress call number which you will use to find that item on the shelf.

Location code Call #s Description
BROWSING/NEW BOOKS (MAIN) Any Near the entrance on the main floor
CHILDREN’S LITERATURE (LOWER) Any Dewey call# Lower Level
K-12 CURRICULUM (LOWER) Any Materials primarily for education majors
LOWER LEVEL A - L Bottom floor; first half of the main collection
MEDIA: CD Mostly M Find them on the Lower Level
MEDIA: VIDEO Any Find them on the Lower Level
OVERSIZE (UPPER), FOLIO Any Too large for normal shelves; upper level, waaay back
REFERENCE (MAIN) Any Main floor; around the Reference/Research Desk
RESERVE DESK Any At the Info Desk on the main floor
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS, SPINELLI ROOM Any Upper Level; valuable, rare, or special items
UPPER LEVEL M - Z Along with LOWER, this is the main collection
   BOLD items are the most common locations

If the item is on the shelf, you will see the word AVAILABLE. A DATE (12-01-2015) will indicate that the item is checked out.  Ask the Information Desk or Reference Desk for help in finding a particular item.