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EN 1200 Composition, Wisniewski Fall 2015

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What is a citation?



Another citation

How to cite

What is plagiarism?

•  Using someone else's words, opinions or ideas without giving credit to the source;

•  Using facts, statistics, graphics, drawings, or any other type of information that is not considered common knowledge without giving credit to the source.

•  Paraphrasing someone else's words without giving credit to the source.

"Giving credit to the source" means naming, or citing, the source from which the borrowed material comes. 


  • You Quote It, You Note It! Edit/Delete Quick Stats
    Interactive tutorial on how to avoid plagiarism from Vaughn Memorial Library at Acadia University. Full tutorial is approximately 10 minutes.
  • Is It Plagiarism Yet? Edit/Delete Quick Stats
    Explanation from the Owl at Purdue on what is (and isn't) considered plagiarism.
  • Successful vs. Unsucessful Paraphrases Edit/Delete Quick Stats
    Good explanation of paraphrasing, with examples, from the the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin Madison.