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SW 3130 Child Welfare & Family Service / Prof. Sonali L. Zoracki



  • Students will be able to choose from an instructor generated list of specific classifications of services to families and children in the field of child welfare (preventive services, protective services, foster care services, adoption services) Students are then expected to
    • locate 3 peer reviewed journal articles dated 2008 to the present,
    • which addressed evidence for the "best practice" approaches for this set of services or program. 
    • The articles need to answer the question, "what intervention/services/programs seem to have a positive outcome for its clients?" Students will have the opportunity to meet with a Lamson Librarian during class time for help in locating relevant journal & articles.  The annotated bibliography should contain the following:
      • a. APA formatted citations
      • b. Brief summary of the article
      • c. The relevance of this article to the area of child welfare you have chosen
      • d. What do you believe was the author's purpose in writing this article?
      • e. Each annotated journal article should not exceed a typed half page single-spaced or one page double-spaced.