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Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) provides 24/7 electronic access to the full text of a selected group of print reference sources. Lamson librarians have selected a number of key authoritative and useful reference sources for this electronic collection. We have print copies of most of these. Sources cover 15 subject areas. Most are multi-volume reference sets. At present the collection selected by Lamson Library includes over 95 titles, including a total of over 650 individual volumes. With the search capabilities of GVRL, users may search this entire collection of e-reference books, just a group of titles within one or more of the 15 subject areas, or an individual title. Users have many options in searching, including by keyword, document title, author, or in the full text. Full text is delivered in HTML, with the option of seeing the full page image in PDF format as well. There is also the option to mark or e-mail documents for later use.

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