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First Year Seminar Resources

Lamson library subscribes to over 80 research databases containing thousands of journals.  Don't be overwhelmed.  These carefully-chosen resources will give you a solid foundation of scholarly articles, academic ebooks, and encyclopedia entries.

APA Citation Style

What is the Good Life? Sample Questions

Should everyone get a trophy?

Are entertainers and athletes expected to be role models?

Are we too plugged in?

Can computers replace teachers/workers?

Should we tell kids about Santa?

Is freedom superior to non-freedom?

  • Braun, C. (2010). On Liberty's LibertyIndependent Review, 14(4), 599-612.
  • Search Terms: freedom, liberty, free will, philosophy, politics, social theories, civil liberties, equal rights, John Stuart Mill, government intervention

What is the value of work?

What is the difference between natural and artificial intelligence? Which is better?

  • Christian, B. (2011). Mind vs. machineAtlantic, 307(2), 58-69.
  • Search Terms: intelligence, artificial intelligence, computers, understanding, learning, memory, planning, abstract thought, creativity, problem solving, computation, consciousness, reasoning, knowledge, perception, Turing test

Do we have too much stuff?

Can video games be good for you?

  • Granic, I., Lobel, A., & Engels, R. (2014). The benefits of playing video games. American Psychologist, 69(1), 66-78.
  • Search Terms: video games, education, learning, exercise, social aspects, virtual reality, creativity, rehabilitation

Can listening to a certain kind of music affect someone's personality?

Can you be in pain and pleasure at the same time?

Should we censor books and music?

  • Byrne, A. (2004). The end of history: censorship and libraries. Australian Library Journal, 53(2), 133-151.
  • Search Terms: censorship, freedom of speach, self censorship, hate speech, pornography, national security, obscenity, banned books, moral values, freedom of the press, media regulation

Can money buy happiness?



How recent is this information? Has it been updated? Is it current enough for your topic?


Is it fact or opinion? Are there references to the sources of information?


Who is the creator or author? What are the author's credentials? 


Is it biased? Are they trying to sell you something - either a product or an idea?

Check out this article: Diabetes: The Poison that Lurks in Your Daily Soft Drink

Does the article pass the currency test?
Yes: 16 votes (45.71%)
No: 19 votes (54.29%)
Total Votes: 35
Does the information appear to be reliable?
Yes: 16 votes (50%)
No: 16 votes (50%)
Total Votes: 32
Is the author authoritative?
Yes: 12 votes (37.5%)
No: 20 votes (62.5%)
Total Votes: 32
Does the author have a purpose?
Yes: 15 votes (46.88%)
No: 17 votes (53.13%)
Total Votes: 32
Would this be a good article to use in a paper?
Yes: 10 votes (30.3%)
No: 17 votes (51.52%)
Sometimes: 6 votes (18.18%)
Total Votes: 33


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