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Evaluating Info Sources

Popular vs. Scholarly



How recent is this information?  Has it been updated?  How important is that this information is very recent?


Is it fact or opinion?  Are there references to the sources of information?


Who is the creator or author? What are the author's credentials? 


Is it biased?  Are they trying to sell you something - either a product or an idea?


Check out this article: 

New Twin Studies Prove Dominance of Genes over Environment 

Is this article popular or scholarly?
Popular: 6 votes (33.33%)
Scholarly: 12 votes (66.67%)
Total Votes: 18
Is the information current enough?
Yes: 15 votes (88.24%)
No: 2 votes (11.76%)
Total Votes: 17
Does the information appear to be reliable?
Yes: 13 votes (81.25%)
No: 3 votes (18.75%)
Total Votes: 16
Is the author authoritative?
Yes: 10 votes (58.82%)
No: 7 votes (41.18%)
Total Votes: 17
Dose the author have a purpose?
Yes: 15 votes (93.75%)
No: 1 votes (6.25%)
Total Votes: 16
Would this be a good article to use in a paper?
Yes: 7 votes (38.89%)
No: 2 votes (11.11%)
Sometimes: 9 votes (50%)
Total Votes: 18

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The Story of Stuff Project

Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations (ebook) by Alan Krueger

30 Days of Yoga

Happiness and Education (ebook) by Nel Noddings

Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending (book) by Elizabeth Dunn (especially the History and Science sections)