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IS 1111 FYS Discovering My Family Roots – Is Genealogy Important to Me?

IS1111.72 Critical Thinking and the Nature of Inquiry

Course Description

QUESTION:  Discovering My Family Roots:  Is Genealogy Important to Me? 

In this course, we will examine what the practical and philosophical reasons are for ancestry research and why genealogy has developed into a fascinating pastime.  Further questions will be posed: Who am I? Where do I come from? Who are my ancestors? Why are they important in my life?  By applying well-developed critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning, we will gather genealogical information that may impact our present and future lives.  Our discoveries of ancestral histories will provide the opportunity to self-reflect on the significance and impact (if any) our families’ roots have in our life, health and mental state, self-concept, and self-identity, and whether genealogy is important for our future.