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Research Questions

Are you born with individuality or do you learn individuality?

Are you really being yourself or what others want you to be on social media?

Does social media keep you connected or separated from society?

Does the class system help or hurt individualism?

How do people show their own individualism without being judged?

How does social media affect society?

How does your socioeconomic standing affect individualism?

How heavy is the influence of politics on someone’s social class?

How is individualism affected by different cultures?

How is individualism impacted by culture?

How is individualism related to culture?

How protected is your privacy once you’re on social media?

Is a person of higher or lower class less or more likely to have individualistic traits?

Is associating education with social media a bad thing?

Is social class just based on money or knowledge or is it how you think, act and feel?

Should students be disciplined in school for the clothing they wear to show their individuality?

What are the positive effects of social media on society?

What factors draw us to use social media so often?