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Lamson Library

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Library User Guide

This guide will introduce you to the very basics of using the Library.

Where to Find Material in the Library

Every book, CD and DVD in the library has a Library of Congress call number which you will use to find that item on the shelf.

Location code Call #s Description
BROWSING/NEW BOOKS (MAIN) Any Near the entrance on the main floor
CHILDREN’S LITERATURE (LOWER) Any Dewey call# On the lower level
K-12 CURRICULUM (LOWER) Any Materials primarily for education majors
LOWER LEVEL A - L Bottom floor; first half of the main collection
MEDIA: CD (MAIN) Mostly M Music collection on main floor, behind Info Desk
MEDIA: VIDEO (MAIN) Any Video collection on main floor, behind Info Desk
OVERSIZE (UPPER), FOLIO Any Too large for normal shelves; upper level, waaay back
REFERENCE (MAIN) Any Main floor; around the Reference/Research Desk
RESERVE DESK Any At the Info Desk on the main floor
SPECIAL COLLECTIONS, SPINELLI ROOM Any Upper level; valuable, rare, or special items
UPPER LEVEL M - Z Along with LOWER, this is the main collection
   BOLD items are the most common locations

If the item is on the shelf, you will see the word AVAILABLE. A DATE (12-01-2015) will indicate that the item is checked out.  Ask the Information Desk or Reference Desk for help in finding a particular item.