Website Upgrade December 24–25th

We will be upgrading the Lamson Library website starting December 24th and continuing through December 25th. During the upgrade you may see inconsistent performance, and for a short time on the morning of the 24th the site will be offline entirely. Please note our upgrade schedule:

Monday, December 24th:

  • 6 AM: Site offline for 30 minutes
  • 6:30 AM: Data migration on “live” site begins.

Tuesday, December 25th:

  • Mid day: Migration complete and site fully upgraded.

Will I be able to use the site?

The site will be offline and inaccessible for a short time Monday morning, but most aspects of the site will be working again after that during the data migration. The site may be a little slower, and search results may not include a complete set of facets (and a search for a specific facet may return incomplete results), but all other aspects of the site will be working.

Why do you need to upgrade?

We’re constantly improving our services and this upgrade will include a number of enhancements and user requests to make it easier to find the materials you’re looking for. Unfortunately, this upgrade requires significant changes to the underlying data structure, the “data migration” mentioned in the schedule.

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