New Feature: Online Book Previews Via Links To Google Book Search

screenshot of new Google Book Search feature.When you’re searching the PSU library catalog you’ll see a new feature linking the books you find to Google Book Search’s copies of those books, where you can read and search excerpts or even full texts online. Now you can browse inside many of the books in our collection from your computer, making it easier to find the exact titles you need for your research or reading pleasure.

Take a look at how this works with these books by PSU authors Bruce Heald and Joseph Monninger. The “Browse on Google” link in the New Features section leads to extended previews of their works.

Lamson Library and Learning Commons is one of a handful of university libraries worldwide selected by Google to premier this new feature. It’s based on a newly released API that’s available to anybody, and built into Scriblio, the open source library software that powers this site.