OregonPDF in Health and Performance

Click to connect. OregonPDF in Health & Performance — formerly Kinesiology Publications — is a non-profit foundation that cooperates with colleges and universities around the world to disseminate graduate research studies (master’s and doctoral dissertations) in areas related to health and performance. The intellectual focus of the collection is physical activity. Academic areas of interest [...]

Resources for Science

[] Journal Articles: Common Database Choices Academic Search Premier (many full-text) All subjects. [INFO and SLIDECAST TUTORIAL] Climatological Data Publications NOAA GreenFILE JSTOR Arts & Sciences Collections I, II, III, IV & V (full-text backfiles) [INFO] [Tutorial] MEDLINE (links to full-text) [INFO] Project MUSE (Basic Research Collection) (full-text backfiles) [INFO] PubMed (links to full-text) [INFO] [...]