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CJ Emerging Technology: Starting Your Research

Video: What Questions Should Students Ask Before Starting a Research Project?

What should students ask when starting a research paper?

  • What am I trying to find out?
  • What kind of sources do I need to consult?
  • Secondary?  Primary?
  • Why should student seek multiple perspectives while gathering information?
  • What if research takes you down an unexpected path?
  • What if you are struggling with your research paper?

Video: Research 101: Research is a Process *

Research is a Process

Source:   Eisen, A. [University of Washington Libraries] (2014, June 13). Research 101: Research is a Process [Video file]. Retrieved from  CC BY-NC large icon CC BY-NC 4.0

A. Get background information.

  • What’s unresolved?
  • What can I add?

B. Consider these three questions:

  1. Topic
  2. Question
  3. Importance

C. State the problem clearly:

  • I’m studying: (autism)
  • to investigate: (if there is a relationship between autism and vaccines)
  • In order to understand: (Why is there so much controversy?  Are the concerns valid?)

Be open to changing your questions as you do research.

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