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Getting Article Links

Because database access is restricted to our students, faculty, and staff, it's necessary to get the right link to paste in Canvas, your syllabus, email, etc, when you want to link to an article.

Different databases handle this differently.  Below you'll find the most common ones.

Remember: if you don't see a "permalink" or "stable URL" option in a database, try copying the address in the browser's address bar.  To make sure it works, simply paste it into different browser than the one where you copied it.

EBSCO Permalinks

When you want to share an EBSCO article, look for the "Permalink" icon (see figure 1).

  1. Click the Permalink button on the right
  2. Right-click the URL and select "copy"
  3. You can then paste the permalink where you want to share it

Get an EBSCO permalink

Figure 1. Get the permalink from an article in an EBSCO database


In JSTOR articles, you will see a stable URL beneath the article title (figure 2).

  1. Simply highlight the URL, right click, and copy it
  2. You can then paste the URL in Canvas, email, or other location

Get a JSTOR Stable URL

Figure 2. JSTOR places stable URLs below the article title

Nexis Uni Copy Document Link

To obtain a link to a Lexis Nexis article:

  1. Choose "Actions" and then "Link to this page" (figure 3)

Figure 3. Nexis Uni document link is found near the top right corner of the page under "Actions"

Copy URL from Address Bar

In some databases, there is no permalink or stable URL.  In that case, just copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. 

  1. Highlight the address, right-click, and copy it (or use ctrl+c to copy)

Figure 5. Project MUSE is an example of a database where you can just copy and paste the address in the address bar

Paste a URL in Canvas

Once you've copied an article URL:

  1. In your Canvas course, turn editing on
  2. Click the "Add an activity or resource" in your desired section
  3. Select "URL" at the bottom of the list
  4. Paste the article URL in the "External URL" field. 
  5. Fill the other fields as desired, then click one of the Save buttons

Please contact the helpdesk if you have questions about editing Canvas.