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Library Instruction

Library Instruction

Library Instruction

Once a quaint notion of learning the card catalog, library instruction has transformed into an essential process in this information era.  

In the "old days" information was scarce and was contained within the four walls of the library.  No longer.

The Internet is an untamed wilderness of reputable facts and unverified assertions, which is why our librarians incorporate the information literacy standards set forth by the American Library Association.  These principles are especially important for  Tackling a Wicked Problem and Composition students.

Your department liaison would be happy to arrange a library instruction session for your class.  

Tackling a Wicked Problem

Each semester, Lamson librarians work individually with Tackling a Wicked Problem instructors to determine the number, duration, and timing of library sessions, each tailored to the needs of the TWP section.  Librarians incorporate ALA information literacy standards and other frameworks, such as the seven pillars and the SIFT model.  We intend these sessions to be helpful and practical in the context of TWP, but transferable to other courses.

If you are teaching TWP and would like to get in touch with your librarian, please contact us.

Research Assignments

We urge you to send us a copy of assignments involving research, so we can best help your students.  Encourage your students to Ask a Librarian if they need research advice at any point.

Ideal Research Assignment

A research assignment will spur students to connect meaningfully with the research tools provided by Lamson Library or the World Wide Web. 



Upon completion of the assignment, students will have:

  1. Learned and used the basic research tools such as the library catalog, databases, print sources, and others
  2. Developed confidence doing basic research and know how to apply these skills to future research
  3. Learned to evaluate information critically, making informed choices about what sources are important, authoritative, and appropriate for university research
  4. Learned the basics of the appropriate writing and publication style for the discipline



The following recommendations to instructors will enable students to successfully complete a research assignment, particularly the first three:

  1. Check the catalog, databases, or contact your library liaison, to be sure we have sufficient quantity of print and online resources to satisfy the assignment
  2. Consider putting print items on course reserve to keep them handy for all of your students.
  3. Discuss the assignment with a librarian so we can be best prepared to assist them
  4. Send a copy of the assignment to the Reference Desk.  You could even send your syllabus.
  5. Consider scheduling library instruction with your liaison.  We can offer conceptual and practical sessions to suit your course's needs.
  6. Tell us about any problems or successes after the assignment has been completed.  Feedback will help us when the class is offered again.

Your department liaison can offer additional advice on creating assignments.  

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