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Digital Collections at Plymouth State University


The digital repository at Plymouth State University is an educational resource that makes the unique materials produced by the PSU community available online to a wide audience. The objective of the repository is to support research and learning by increasing access to materials that might otherwise be invisible or inaccessible. The repository contains images, publications, and data representing the work of a variety of departments and disciplines.

The digital repository is accessible via CONTENTdm, a digital collection management system. Its content is hosted by OCLC.


Students, faculty, staff, and the public are all welcome to search the repository and download images and publications for educational use or personal research, without prior permission.

Publication or commercial use of these resources or the accompanying data requires prior written permission from the copyright holder. To inquire about permissions or to request an image file, contact the manager of the individual collection. Contact information is typically found in the About or FAQ section for each collection.


The Digital Projects Librarian and the Scholarly Communication Librarian work together to maintain the digital repository, ensuring compliance with industry standards for digitization, metadata, and copyright. They respond to inquiries from the Plymouth State community regarding potential digital projects, and work with collection managers to plan and implement projects.

Each collection has a collection manager who is responsible for maintaining their collection(s). The collection manager is responsible for adding items and their related metadata to the collection, as well as responding to inquiries relating directly to resources in the collection.

Selection Criteria

If you are a Plymouth State University faculty or staff member, and your department owns images, publications, or data that may be appropriate for public or campus access, please contact Alice Pearman, Digital Projects Librarian. Resources added to the digital repository must follow accepted digitization and metadata standards [link to those standards].

The librarian will explain how the repository can best serve the needs of the materials and its potential audience. If the digital repository is the right place for the collection, training for adding resources to the repository will be provided.

Digital Preservation

The Lamson Library at Plymouth State University has contracted with OCLC’s Digital Archive™ service to ensure preservation of master digital files. Master files of all resources added to CONTENTdm are securely stored in a preservation environment maintained by OCLC.

Updated March 2016