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How to Cite

Find information on all citation styles, including APA, MLA, ACS, AMA, ASA, CSE, and Chicago/Turabian.

Select a Citation Style

Check your syllabus or ask your professor if you're not sure which style to use!

Most Common Styles

  • MLA is most often used in English, literature, composition, and the humanities
  • APA is most common in psychology, anthropology, business, economics, education, political science, and other social sciences
  • Chicago/Turabian are most frequently used in history and some social sciences

Other Styles

  • ACS is used in the field of chemistry
  • AMA is used in medicine, health publications, and athletic training
  • ASA is used in sociology
  • CSE/CBE is used in biology and many natural sciences

Select a style to get started:

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