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Thesis Guide

Info for master's students planning for, working on, and submitting their theses and dissertations

Thesis Order Form

The final step is ordering your thesis.  Complete the form as instructed below.

Submitting your Thesis

  • Drop off two copies, plus any additional personal copies, of your Dissertation to the Technical Services Department of the Library, located on the upper floor in the Lamson Learning Commons - Room 219. Please call (535-2259) or email Rick Kipphut to make an appointment before dropping off your Dissertation/Thesis.
  • Make sure that all copies are collated and ready to bind. Fasten a copy of the Dissertation Order Form above to the outside of the envelope. Documents that are not properly packaged will not be accepted at the time of submission. A copy of the Order Form will be emailed to your Dissertation/Thesis advisor.
  • Please include a copy in PDF format on a thumb/flash drive. The PDF copy of your Dissertation/Thesis will be loaded into the ProQuest Digital Archiving and Access Program which will create an electronic copy in Adobe Acrobat PDF for inclusion in Dissertation Abstracts Online database, to which PSU subscribes. Your dissertation will be indexed with controlled vocabulary and subject codes for ease of access and searching in Dissertation Abstracts Online. All licensed users will be able to view a 24-page preview of your dissertation. More important, the full text of your dissertation will be available to everyone within the PSU community.
  • Please provide a check or money order payable to PSU for your personal copies ($20 per copy). We cannot accept credit or debit cards.  Plymouth State University will cover the cost of two bound copies- one for the Writing Center and the other for Archives.