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Choose a Topic

You are going to create a short bibliography using CQ Researcher as your starting point.


For this exercise, choose any one of the these topics, and use it in all the following exercises. 


Add this report as the first entry in your bibliography.

Fracking Future of Public Universities

U.S.-Pakistan Relations

Crime on Campus

Domestic Violence

Serial Killers

Media Bias

What have you learned?

Your access to CQ Researcher goes back to:
1923: 2 votes (28.57%)
1991: 5 votes (71.43%)
1900: 0 votes (0%)
2000: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 7
Each issue of CQ Researcher is:
continually edited and updated.: 2 votes (40%)
about fifty pages in length.: 1 votes (20%)
supported by tax dollars.: 0 votes (0%)
peer reviewed.: 2 votes (40%)
Total Votes: 5
New issues of CQ Researcher appear:
monthly.: 0 votes (0%)
weekly.: 5 votes (100%)
quarterly.: 0 votes (0%)
semi monthly.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 5

Sample Bibliography