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Lamson Library

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About the Library

Lamson Library currently houses the ET&S Helpdesk, Writing Center, and Commons Cafe.

Hours of Operation


Current library hours can always be found online or by phone at 535-2832. Hours vary by season and for holidays, so be sure to check.  Hours will vary for other services, like the Writing Center and the Commons Cafe.

All Plymouth State University students, faculty, staff and Community patrons are expected to abide by the rules governing student conduct outlined in the student handbook.  A copy of these rules is on reserve at the Information Desk.  Staff members are always concerned about the safety of our patrons.  Please contact a staff member if you need any assistance.

Borrowing from Lamson Library


All students, faculty, and staff at Plymouth State University can borrow books, videos, and other physical items from the library with their PSU ID cards.  Students can borrow books for 30 days, movies for 3 days, and compact discs for 30 days.  All items can be renewed one time for an additional, equal loan period.

Faculty and PAT staff can borrow books for 180 days and audiovisual materials (movies and CDs) for 30 days.  All items can be renewed one time for an additional, equal loan period.

OS staff can borrow books for 90 days and audiovisual materials (movies and CDs) for 3 days.  All items can be renewed one time for an additional, equal loan period.

Periodicals--magazines, journals, and newspapers--cannot be borrowed.  Items in the reference and special collections also cannot be borrowed.  Other items--such as maps, scores, and curriculum--may have different loan periods than those above.

Without PSU ID

Alumni of USNH institutions, Plymouth Regional High School students, PRHS teachers, senior citizens, and residents of Plymouth and Holderness can receive an annual borrowing card at no cost.  The borrowing period for most items is 30 days.

Members of the general public can receive a borrowing card for $30 annually.  

You must have an active email address to receive a borrowing card.

Lamson Library may request identification and otherwise verify a patron's status before issuing a borrowing card.  

Patron Conduct

Rules concerning Patron Conduct

All Plymouth State University students, faculty, staff and non-PSU patrons are expected to abide by the rules governing student conduct outlined in the student handbook.  A copy of these rules and the student handbook is on permanent reserve at the Information Desk.

Patrons who do not conduct themselves within these guidelines and exhibit any behavior listed below may be asked to leave the building.  University Police may also be contacted.

  • Engaging in conduct which interferes with the use of the library by other patrons or disrupts the orderly operation of the library.
  • Acting as if under the influence of alcohol or drugs or engaging in any type of substance abuse.
  • Verbally abusing a staff member, verbally assaulting or threatening to do bodily harm.  
  • Engaging in any form of mental or physical harassment.
  • Engaging in sexual activity.
  • Stalking library staff or patrons.
  • Fighting or otherwise acting in a disorderly manner.
  • Possessing a hazardous or dangerous weapon.
  • Damaging, stealing or misusing library materials or University property.
  • Violating posted rules about quiet study areas.
  • Violating posted rules concerning the use of computers; this includes both computer clusters and the computer located in the café and the electronic reference resources area.
  • Refusing to leave the building in a timely manner at closing time.
  • Soliciting without the permission of library staff.
  • Leaving young children and children in grades K – 8, unattended in the library building.
  • Pets or animals are not permitted in the Library, with the exception of service animals.  

Lamson Library staff are concerned about the safety of our patrons.  Please contact a staff member if you need any assistance.


Public Access to Computers

Public Access to Computers

Computers Available to the Public

Plymouth State University’s Lamson Library offers free WiFi access, 5 computers for searching our library catalog, 1 public computer for searching the Foundation Directory Online database, and 6 Public Access Computers.

LLC Public Access Computers Policy

The World Wide Web is a vast network of information and resources. The LLC assumes no responsibility for the content of material on the Internet. It is not possible for the LLC to control specific information that may be available. Just as libraries do not vouch for or endorse the viewpoints of written material in their collections, they do not do so for information accessed from the Internet. Selection policies which serve to govern the library’s purchase of written materials may not apply to material accessed electronically. It is the responsibility of the user (or the parent or guardian) to determine what is appropriate.

New Hampshire law (NHRSA 638:16, et seq.) prohibits damaging or destroying a computer or computer program, software, or system.  Unauthorized access is also prohibited. Persons attempting such action can be prosecuted.

The LLC cannot assure that data or files downloaded by users are virus-free. The Library is not responsible for damages to equipment or data on a user’s personal computer from the use of data downloaded from the Library’s Internet service.

The use of the Internet and e-mail is not guaranteed to be private. While respecting individual users’ rights to privacy, LLC staff reserve the right to monitor use of the computers to ensure compliance with this policy. Staff may ask users to remove themselves from LLC equipment if they observe any behavior which they judge to be in conflict with this policy. Misuse or abuse of LLC computers may result in suspension of computer privileges.

Staff Assistance: The first priority for LLC staff is assistance to PSU students, faculty, and staff.  Staffing constraints mean that LLC staff cannot be responsible to provide non-PSU users training on Internet access, computer jargon, or computer use.  Staff may offer minimum searching suggestions and can answer some questions as time permits.


  1. Patrons must have a valid Lamson library card to use the Public Access Computers.  If patrons owe an amount of $5.00 or more in library fines or lost materials, they must bring their account into good standing before computer access will be allowed.
  2. To access our Public Access Computers, patrons must check out a USB key at the Information Desk.  Patrons must check out this USB key with their own Library card.  Cards are valid only for the patron to whom they have been issued.  Library cards are not transferable, and attempts to do so can result in library privileges being revoked to both the cardholder and the patron using another’s card.
  3. Patrons may check out access to a Public Access Computer and stay unless someone else is waiting.  If others are waiting, a 1-hour time limit will be imposed.
  4. Patrons using the Internet computers should be knowledgeable in basic computer operation. Staff will provide computer assistance to patrons as time permits and if it does not interfere with their other duties.
  5. In accord with American Library Association policy, parents or guardians, NOT the library, are responsible for the Internet information selected or accessed by their children.  The LLC does not filter Internet content.  It is recommended that a parent or guardian accompany any child under the age of 13.
  6. Only 1 patron may be on a computer at a time, unless the patron is a parent or guardian assisting a child.
  7. Patrons may send and receive e-mail using the LLC computers as long as they have their own accounts through a provider of their choice.
  8. Writable CDs are available from the Information Desk for a minimal charge.  Patrons may save files to a CD or USB key.  The LLC assumes no responsibility for files saved to the hard drive of the computer or external storage devices.
  9. Patrons must not abuse or rearrange library furniture, computer equipment, or computer supplies. Patrons must wear headphones and attach them to the computer equipment if they would like to use the speakers. Audio volume should be at a level that does not disturb other patrons.
  10. Documents can be printed at a charge of 5¢ per page – black and white only.  Copies can be picked up at the Information Desk.
  11. There are no restrictions on the sites patrons may access, but the LLC has adopted a “zero-tolerance” policy against viewing pornography or obscene materials. Users in violation of this policy will be asked to leave immediately and may be banned from the PSU campus.
  12. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in the loss of a Lamson library card. The first offense will result in loss of privileges for the day plus 1 week.  The second offense will result in a loss of library privileges for a period of 90 days as determined by University Police and/or the LLC Shift Supervisor on duty at the Information Desk at the time of the offense.  The third offense will result in loss of library privileges for a period of 1 year as determined by University Police and/or the LLC Shift Supervisor on duty at the Information Desk at the time of the offense. Serious and repeat offenders can be denied access to the LLC computers permanently or be banned from the LLC.

Updated:  February 11, 2011

Responsible Use of Materials

Responsible Use of Materials

Library materials are limited resources that must be shared with several thousand other students, and should be treated with care and consideration. You are held accountable for any materials checked out to you that are returned in damaged condition.

Deliberate mutilation or theft of books and periodicals is more than a violation of respect for materials that tuition dollars from you and other potential users have paid for.  It is also a violation of State law, and is subject to disciplinary action. Stealing or defacing library materials is also a violation of academic integrity. For more information on this topic consult the PSU catalog under “Academic Policies and Procedures.” More importantly, if you see anyone defacing materials report this immediately to the Information Desk.

Responsible Use of Computing Resources

Responsible Use of Computing Resources

PSU's Lamson Library specifically prohibits harassment, including sexual harassment, and this extends to all computer areas in the Library, including the public use workstations.   The legal definition of sexual harassment includes “display in the workplace of sexually suggestive objects or pictures.”  Library users who access these types of materials may be asked to leave the building or advised to do their research in a less public area.

Furthermore, using computing resources to engage in conduct which interferes with others’ use of shared computer resources and/or the activities of other users, including studying, teaching, research, or University administration is prohibited.

Children in the Library

Children in the Library

We recognize the value of allowing some access by children to Lamson Library. We hope to encourage all children to use libraries and library resources and to become familiar with the kinds of resources that are available in libraries. However, Lamson Library is primarily an academic library, designed to serve the needs of our primary users, PSU students, faculty, and staff. We also recognize our role in providing access to adult and young adult community members in the Plymouth area.

Children younger than high school age must be accompanied by an adult while visiting Lamson Library. Lamson Library does not employ a Children’s Librarian nor is the Children’s Literature section on the Lower Level in a supervised area. The need to be accompanied by an adult also applies to children’s use of the public computers on the main level.

Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy

The Lamson Library Collection Development Policy describes materials we actively add to the collection and indicates the level of acquisition to which we aspire.  This document also includes the ALA (American Library Association) Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read statement, and the Intellectual Freedom Statement as supported by Lamson Library.

Visiting Scholars and InterLibrary Loan Privileges

Visiting Scholars and InterLibrary Loan Privileges

Annual InterLibrary Loan borrowing privileges at Lamson Library for visiting scholars, aka the requestor, will allow books/materials to be requested through ILL via the PSU portal.  Privileges cannot be assigned to anyone but the requestor.

The requestor will be notified via email when books/materials arrive.  Books/materials will be picked up at Lamson Library by the requestor and returned to Lamson Library on or before the due date.  A maximum of 20 books/materials may be borrowed per year.  An annual donation of $50 is requested to cover the cost of this service.

Lactation Room

A lactation room is available on the upper level of the library (room 201A) all hours that the library is open.  A key is available at the information or reference desks on the main level. 

The room has a chair, counter space, and a small refrigerator. If you have questions about the library’s lactation room, please contact Christin Wixson (


Gifts and Donations

We are currently not accepting donations of books and other items to our collection.