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Resources For Faculty

Find your department's liaison and discover what services Lamson can offer you

Find your Librarian

One of our librarians is the liaison to your subject area. Find yours below:

Discipline Liaison
Anthropology Alice Staples
Art Alice Pearman
Athletic Training Alice Pearman
Biological Sciences Christin Wixson
Business Anne Jung-Mathews
Chemistry Christin Wixson
Childhood Studies Gary McCool
Children's Literature Anne Jung-Mathews
Communication and Media Studies Anne Jung-Mathews
Computer Science Michael Davidson
Counseling Christin Wixson
Criminal Justice Michael Davidson
Curriculum Gary McCool
Dance Gary McCool
Early Childhood Studies Gary McCool
Economics Anne Jung-Mathews
Education Gary McCool
Educational Leadership Gary McCool
Elementary Education Gary McCool
English Alice Pearman
English as a Second Language Anne Jung-Mathews
Environment Policy Christin Wixson
Environmental Science Christin Wixson
Film Alice Pearman
Foreign Languages Robert Fitzpatrick
Foundation Center Gary McCool
French Anne Jung-Mathews
Geography Alice Staples
History Michael Davidson
K-12 Curriculum Gary McCool
Languages Anne Jung-Mathews
Library Science Gary McCool
Linguistics Anne Jung-Mathews
Mathematics Christin Wixson
Music Gary McCool
Meteorology Christin Wixson
Nursing Gary McCool
Philosophy Michael Davidson
Physical Therapy Christin Wixson
Physics Christin Wixson
Political Science Alice Staples
Psychology Alice Pearman
Public Health Alice Pearman
Reference  Gary McCool
Religion Michael Davidson
Science (General) Christin Wixson
Social Science Alice Staples
Social Work Anne Jung-Mathews
Sociology Alice Staples
Spanish Anne Jung-Mathews
Special Collections Alice Staples
Technology Michael Davidson
Tests Gary McCool
Theater Gary McCool
Women's Studies Alice Staples


Anne Jung-Matthews

Alice Staples

Alice Staples's picture
Alice Staples
Room 212a, Lamson Library upper level, behind the Harry Potter door.