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ESP 2100 Intro to Environmental Sci: Home

Class Exercise Links

Exercise 1 Example

Here's Why Your Cat May Not Care When You Leave

Group 1

New Law of Nature Answers Why Lions Have Decreased Worldwide

Group 2

Wildfire Smoke Will Kill More and More Americans As Climate Change Intensifies

Group 3

Work of Prominent Climate Change Denier Was Funded By Energy Industry

Group 4

Study Finds Global Warming Has Made California Drought Worse

Examples of Annotated Bibliographies

Cornell Library Example

Bethel Library Example

Exercise 2 Article

Vörösmarty, C. J., Mcintyre, P. B., Gessner, M. O., Dudgeon, D., Prusevich, A., Green, P., . . . Davies, P. M. (2010). Global threats to human water security and river biodiversity. Nature, 467, 555-561. 


Water Search Terms

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