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SW 3340 Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Home

Topic Overviews

The resources below will help get you started on your research.  They all came from three of the library databases:

CQ Researcher

Opposing Viewpoints

Gale Virtual Reference Library

The Premature Infant (Other Search Terms: premature birth, premature babies, preterm infants)

Postpartum Depression (Other Search Terms: postnatal depression)

Developmental Delay (Other Search Terms: developmental disorder, terms related to specific kinds of delays, for example motor delay/disorder, language delay/disorder)

Teen Parents (Other Search Terms: teen parenting, teen pregnancy)

Autism (Other Search Terms: Autism spectrum, Asperger syndrome)

Development of Play (Other Search Terms: play and cognitive development, playtime, recess, play and childhood development)

Poverty and Child Development (Other Search Terms: Child Development Index)

ADHD (Other Search Terms: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADD, hyperactivity)

Bullying (Other Search Terms: cyberbullying, [see the Wikipedia article on bullying for a full list of the kinds of bullying that exist.])

Body Image and Teens (Other Search Terms: body image and adolescents, body image and gender)

High School Dropouts (Other Search Terms: dropout rate)

Substance Abuse in Adolescence (Other Search Terms: teen drug use, [terms related to specific substances, alcohol, marijuana, etc.])

Incarcerated Youth (Other Search Terms: juvenile justice, juvenile offenders)

Database Research

Use the databases below to find more resources on your topic:


ERIC (especially for topics related to education)

PsycInfo (especially for topics related to psychology)


Use the search terms below, along with words from your specific topic:





risk factors

psychological aspects

social aspects






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