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CJ 1060 Technology in Criminal Justice (Dr. Mackey): Why Are These Important?

Can We Trust Your Sources?

Use These Sources for This Part of Your Research

Is there a bias on the part of the author of the information use select for proving your point? A SUBJECT ENCYCLOPEDIA article is the best place to begin to learn about a subject with which you are not familiar.
Are you aware that you might have personal unacknowledged biases that you're writing into your paper?

A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT can often provide top level research findings that are published with the intention of providing the most accurate, or the best evidence based information for practitioners in all of the many roles government.

Can you honestly report only evidence based facts relating to your topic?


If you work in any field of government or criminal justice you'll need to back up your actions with evidence based facts or methods, any decisions you make should not based on your opinion.  It becomes your duty, as mandated by  the U.S. Constitution, is to do your part to help:
  1. establish justice,
  2. insure domestic tranquility,
  3. provide for the common defense,
  4. promote the general welfare,
  5. and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity