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Directions Course Reserves: Library


Books Required for Directions Courses are Available @ Lamson


You really have all the books for my Directions courses?

Yes!  Whenever possible we get ebook versions of Directions course books so that they can be accessed from anywhere.  But even when ebooks are not available we get print copies of the books to put on reserve.

The only time we cannot provide the required course materials for Directions courses is when the required materials are workbooks or require an access code to use.

What are reserves?

Reserves are books, journals and DVDs that can be checked out for short periods (usually 2 hours) so that they can be used by many people in the same class. 

How do I know which of my courses are Directions courses?

If the course prefix ends in -DI, it's a Directions course.  For example: CMDI, ENDI, and ARDI.

Directions courses are part of the general education requirement.  You will take at least 20 credits of Directions courses as you work toward your undergrad degree.  

How do I find these books?

Books are available at the Information Desk on the main level of Lamson Library.  Let the staff know the name of your course or of your instructor and they can look up your course books.

You can also look up your course books on the library's Course Reserves Page to see if they are available as an ebook (able to be accessed from anywhere) or in print (only available at the library).  

Are books for my non-Directions courses also available at the library?

Maybe. While we promise to have all the books for your Directions courses, books for other courses are available at the discretion of the instructor.  You can check whether books for non-Directions courses are available by searching the course or professor's name at the library's Course Reserves Page or asking at the Information Desk.  If your professor hasn't put the course books on reserve, you can always ask them if they have an extra copy they wouldn't mind putting on reserve.  

Course Reserves Page

Look up which courses have books on reserve at the Course Reserves Page.  


Did you use a Directions reserve book?  Let us know about your experience.

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