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Trade Magazines

Trade Magazines

Trade magazines publish information of special interest to their professional audience.  Articles are frequently written by readers.  Trade magazines are a particular favorite for advertisers, because they know their ads will be seen by their likely consumers.  As a result, trade magazines are sometimes not an especially reliable source of unbiased information.  Nevertheless, the critical thinker may find useful information and statistics.  Trade magazines pride themselves on providing "news you can use."

Police Fleet Manager Magazine serves as a reference for fleet managers and directors who oversee the nations police vehicle fleets.  These fleets range in size from five vehicles up to several thousand vehicles.  Our readers have influence over a wide range of purchasing.  They purchase new vehicles, the accessories that go on the vehicle (lightbars, gun racks, prisoner partitions, etc...), and the consumables for the vehicle as well (oil, brakes, tires, etc...)  Of course these vehicles are used in the most extreme conditions of heat and cold, and are on the road 24 hours a day.  Most of our readers also maintain maintenance centers or shops to provide routine and preventative maintenance for their fleet.

Law Officer is a publication for the professional law enforcement officer. Law Officer's mission is "to provide the best in tactics, technology and training." Law Officer has partnered with to deliver editorial content to help officers and departments be more effective and efficient.

POLICE Magazine is dedicated to providing law enforcement officers of all ranks with information that will help them their jobs more efficiently, professionally, and most importantly -- SAFELY. Each issue of POLICE includes columns written by current and retired police, firearms, and legal experts, as well as topical issue-oriented features produced by leading law enforcement journalists.

Articles are contributed by practitioners in law enforcement or related fields. Manuscripts must be original work, previously unpublished, and not simultaneously submitted to another publisher. No word rate is paid or other remuneration given. Contributors’ opinions and statements are not purported to define official IACP policy or imply IACP endorsement. - See more at:

American COP Magazine is an FMG publication.