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Are You a Student Looking for Reserves?

If you are a student searching for course reserves, please go here.

Course Reserves

General Guidelines

These apply to both physical and electronic reserves.

  • All reserve materials must be in compliance with Federal Copyright Laws. All material will be labeled with a copyright notice along with any information the library deems necessary for organizational purposes.
  • Material may be placed on reserve for the current semester only. Reserve materials will be returned to the library shelves and personal copies returned to the faculty member unless the same exact course is being taught in the next subsequent semester. All electronic reserve material must be removed from Canvas at the end of the semester. Faculty members are responsible for removing their own e-reserve material.
  • A completed request form must be completed for each reserve item requested by the instructor. Submissions must be filled out completely so that we may obtain copyright clearance, if necessary. If all information is not provided, it will delay our ability to process your request. Paper copies are also available at the Information Desk.
  • Reserve requests that meet the deadlines below will receive priority processing. After these deadlines, it may take a week, or longer (if copyright permission is delayed), for materials to be available for student use.


Electronic Reserves (e-reserves)

  • We cannot copy more than 10% of a given work. If more than 10% of the book is needed, the entire work may be placed on physical reserve at the Information Desk.
  • On the e-reserve request form we ask for the “File Name.” That is the name that we will give the document that we scan for you. Please identify them in the same manner as on your syllabus.
  • When submitting new e-reserve requests please supply us with your copy of the original journal or book if it is not owned by Lamson Library. Books or journals can be mailed to the library to the attention of Joyce Bruce (MSC#47) or dropped off at the Information Desk with a copy of the online form attached or left off at the Interlibrary Loan office (Room 112). When we are finished with your book we will leave it on the Information Desk hold shelf for you to pick up at your convenience.
  • We can only use original, licensed copies of works-either purchased or owned by the institution or instructor. Publishers of anthologies are not authorized to grant copyright permission for material published in their book. For best results, consult the original source where the material was published. Ask a Librarian at the Reference Desk for help in locating the original source.
  • Copyright permission must be obtained each semester before the material can be put on e-reserves. Obtaining copyright permissions can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks.
  • All material placed on e-reserves must be removed from Canvas at the end of the semester. You are responsible for removing your e-reserves.
  • If you wish to resubmit material that has previously been placed on e-reserves, the Library will need to obtain copyright clearance again. For faster service, email Joyce Bruce and include the following information: the course name and number, the CRN for the current semester course, the name of the file (article name) and the number of students enrolled in the class. You will NOT need to fill out a new form.
  • Copyright issues regarding course reserves can be complicated! For additional assistance contact Joyce Bruce or via phone 535-2576

Physical Reserves:

What are Physical Reserves?

Placing non-digital items (books, DVDs, etc.) on Reserve at the Information Desk in the library gives your students access to them for limited-time duration loans. This saves students money, and helps to ensure that the first person to find an item does not check it out for an extended period.  You can also put your own personal copies of materials on Reserve.

  • Select 1, 2, or 4 hour loan periods for in-library use
  • Select 1, 3, or 7 day loan periods for materials to be checked out of the library.

How Do I Put Materials on Reserve?

  • It's very easy.  We’ll even get the materials off the shelves for you.  Just tell us what library materials you’d like to have available on Reserve.  If you want us to use your personal materials, just bring them to us at the Help Desk.
    • Library Materials:
      • Online: Fill out this Reserve form.
      • In Person:  We will give you a paper version of the reserve form to fill out at the Information Desk.
    • Your Personal Materials:
      • Bring them to the Help Desk, and fill out a separate form for each course.
        [Please note that although we are very careful with all Reserve materials, we are not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of them.]

If I Have Materials for Several Different Courses, How Do Students Know Which Course the Item is for?

  • Each course will have its own page in the library catalog with a list of materials for that course. Also, we can list the same item in more than one reserve. For example, you may want to have students read the same book for two different courses; that book one book can be in two separate reserves.

How Will Students Find Reserve Materials for My Courses?

  • Your course will have its own page in the library catalog that students can access from the main screen of the library Web page.

  • Once the materials are processed, the library catalog record will have the information students need to request the item.  You can save trouble and confusion for your students by giving them the “location” number to ask for when they come to the Help Desk, but we can also help them find the number.


How Long Does it Take to Get Materials on Reserve?

  • We do it as soon as we can, usually within three days, but bear in mind that LOTS of faculty request LOTS of materials to be put on Reserve at the beginning of the semester.  We process the materials as they are requested, first come, first served.  Reserve items cannot be checked out until they appear as Reserve items in the catalog.  Please don’t tell students to ask for Reserve materials before they have been processed.

Faculty Ready to Place Request?

Ready to place request?

Please read the guidelines for electronic and physical reserves below.  Choose the right request form:

Course Reserve Deadlines

Deadlines for Course Reserves
Semester Undergrad Graduate
Fall August 15th August 15th
Winter December 15th November 15th
Spring January 15th February 15th
Summer May 15th May 15th