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Guess That Reference Question!: Library

Guess That Reference Question!

Do you have National Geographic magazines?
I need something to prop up the TV attached to my PS4.: 9 votes (20%)
My dad found a box full of them at the dump and I want to donate them to the library.: 8 votes (17.78%)
I need articles about the endangerment of African elephants due to climate change, political instability and the ivory trade.: 28 votes (62.22%)
Total Votes: 45
Where is this call number? PS 3558.E63 D86
I’m looking for the book PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern: 12 votes (38.71%)
I would like a science fiction book with pictures to get ideas from: 13 votes (41.94%)
Every time I call that number I get, “We’re sorry—this number is not in service.”: 6 votes (19.35%)
Total Votes: 31
Do you have information about health insurance?
I need to know about coinsurance, deductibles and premiums, but I’m afraid to ask directly because I think you’ll tell my teacher that I asked.: 19 votes (65.52%)
Do you know if I can get a free flu shot anywhere?: 3 votes (10.34%)
I’m trying to convince my roommate “copay” and “cosplay” are not the same thing.: 7 votes (24.14%)
Total Votes: 29
Where are your atlases?
I have to read a book by Ayn Rand for my economics class.: 6 votes (23.08%)
I’d like a guidebook of national parks.: 15 votes (57.69%)
No, I said “do you know where Alice is?”: 5 votes (19.23%)
Total Votes: 26
How do you download the ebooks?
I need to know about tourism and the environment in Aruba and how waste and pollution are being managed.: 12 votes (41.38%)
I’d like the library to buy a particular book.: 7 votes (24.14%)
Do you have any books that have Microsoft Excel projects and accompanying files?: 10 votes (34.48%)
Total Votes: 29