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IS 1115 TWP: A Library Guide: Evaluating information sources. How Good Is the Evidence?

Information sources establish your credibility. Use the most credible sources that are appropriate for persuading your audience.

Can you find acceptable proof for the claims made in this ad?

Prevailing Opinion: Is there general agreement among experts
that the claims made in this ad are true?
Relevant:   How is the claim that the ingredient was
originally found in jellyfish important to
the benefits this product promises? 
Objective: Do you think this is an objective, unbiased appraisal
of the value of the product being advertised?
Official: Where did the authority to make this claim
come from?  Is it valid?
Fact-Checked:  Can you find an independent source that
will verify this claim? How true is this claim?

After watching the video above, I feel...
..this is a great product.: 0 votes (0%)
...this is probably a great product.: 0 votes (0%)
...this product is neither bad nor good.: 2 votes (10.53%)
...this product is more bad than good.: 8 votes (42.11%)
...this product is bad.: 9 votes (47.37%)
Total Votes: 19


Proof (Prevailing Opinion)

Is it the prevailing opinion of independent experts that this ad makes valid claims?

pRoof  (Relevant)

Is the claim that this product contains "an ingredient originally found in jellyfish" relevant or somehow important to the claim the ad makes?

prooF (Fact Checked)

Can you find an independent source that bolsters the claim of this ad?  That refute the claim? How credible are they?