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IS 1115 TWP: A Library Guide: Evaluating information sources. How Good Is the Evidence?

Information sources establish your credibility. Use the most credible sources that are appropriate for persuading your audience.

Type of Information Source: Who is the Intended Audience?

Scholars/Researchers Professionals Trade General Public Children
Scholars and researchers who are adding new information to their field.  Source for primary research.
People working in a particular field.  Source for ideas to apply in your professional work.
People working in a particular trade.  Source for business statistics relating to a particular trade.
The general public.  People looking for information but not at the professional level.  Source for general information and entertainment.
For children.  Children looking for information and entertainment at their level.
Print Examples

Image result for Journal of Biology

Image result for Journal of contemporary criminal justice.

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Image result for Teaching magazine

Image result for aviation and space weekly magazine

Image result for progressive grocer

Image result for cooking light

Image result for dinosaur magazine

National Geographic Kids Magazine September 1st, 2018 Issue Cover

Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample
Web Examples
Biological Research Nat'n'l Assn.  Soc. Work Business Insider WebMD Science Kids